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Stevenson’s Cycle Lowered Starter Design belt drive PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 27 August 2009 00:22


Stevenson’s Cycle has created a new Lowered Starter Design belt drive with several great features. Made to fit custom applications, this two-inch open belt drive has a Lowered Starter Design that puts the starter behind the transmission. This allows you to drop seat height and or put a larger oil tank in for more oil capacity on those big inch motors.




This innovative belt drives with a helical / herringbone offset tooth reduces belt drive noise up to 40% over straight tooth belt while also reducing vibration. It’s designed to handle increased horsepower by having “three teeth” fully engaged at all times, making it 30% stronger as opposed to only having one engaged in standard belt drives. It’s also self-centering, so you don’t have to worry about the belt drifting on the pulley. The Lowered Starter Design belt drive system also comes with a large 7 inch clutch that provides more contact surface for those bigger inch motors.




Steve Broyles Sr., owner of Stevenson’s Cycle, is known for his innovative engine work and his shop has a full range of fabrication capability, giving him the opportunity to create unique designs. “The Lowered Starter Design belt drive is a great example of the innovative things we do here at Stevenson’s Cycle. We try to look for fresh new ways of solving problems and this is just one of many that we will be coming out with over the next few months”.

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